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Kristin H.
09:27 15 Aug 22
Dr. Bagheri and his team were just wonderful during the years we went to his office. I have two children who required lots of attentiveness and had tons of...
23:17 09 Mar 22
Dr Bagheri and his staff are so nice and professional, and have made my two daughters(age 6 and 2) feel very comfortable with the dentist! When my 6 year old needed a cavity filled, the process was easy and painless! She is terrified of shots, so we were very nervous, but between the happy gas, and the movie she was watching on his in ceiling tv, she didn't even notice her shot! Highly recommended him, especially for kids who may be a bit nervous about dentists.
Liz C.
23:10 07 Mar 22
The care and attention given to my children here has been amazing. We have had a couple of emergencies where my child have had to been seen the same day and Dr.Bageri is always willing to see them and ensure they have the best dental care.
Liz C.
15:13 07 Mar 22
There customer service is great. excess to care, they make very easy. Always willing to see my children when needed. The text message option is great as...
Kelly Jean R.
14:16 07 Mar 22
Dr. Bagheri and staff are an absolute joy to their clients. My daughters look forward to going to the dentist! Dr. Bagheri is patient and soft spoken,...
05:05 28 Feb 22
Dr. Bagheri has been providing excellent dental care and advice for our entire family for years now. It started more than 5 years ago that my kindergarten daughter having lots of cavities and being afraid of dental appointments, but after seeing Dr. Bagheri to have fillings and advice, she has learned to floss and brush correctly, daily, and only needs regular checkups nowadays. Then my teenage son had a difficult case of wisdom teeth pulling, Dr. Bagheri provided a referral though his network connection for my son’s dental surgery with excellent results. When Dr. Bagheri started accepting adult patients a few years ago, my wife and I switched and have been receiving excellent dental care and advice from him, not only on regular care but also on other needs like night guards, gum treatment, root canal, implant, etc.
Sol's Hair S.
18:23 08 Nov 21
My kid loves his dentist ❤ he is so patient with my son. They are always on time, the place is clean and the technician is nice and super respectful. I truly recommended this place.
Semo A.
01:25 25 Aug 21
My children are….challenging. Dr. Bagheri and his staff are fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough or recommend enough.Whether he’s in your network or not, he’s worth it.
Isa M.
02:33 19 May 21
Leisl L.
14:22 07 May 21
Dr Bagheri was absolutely amazing with our 3 year old. He was so patient and explained every detail to us.
Laura W.
10:19 20 Aug 20
I love this pediatrician dentist!I was recommended this place by other families we know that are part of the autism community in the area.The dentist...
Esthela M.
19:50 03 Jun 20
Dr. Bagheti is extraordinary My son is autistic and he has a hard time at dentist. He had a lot of work to get done and Dr. Bagheti took good care of my...
Ann F.
13:22 09 Jan 20
AMAZING BEYOND WORDS Dr bagheri and his amazing staff (Helen and patty) Have been extremely helpful and very consistent.Appts are always set without...
Ryan L.
04:09 18 Dec 19
Amazing doctor! Took my kids previously to a place with superheroes - but Dr. Bagheri needs no cape. He is very good with kids, and made mine feel so comfortable. My daughter, who has experienced trauma in the dental chair of another practice, couldn't believe how easy it was at Kids Smile Pediatric Dentistry. I will never return to those others places. Thank you, Dr. Bagheri for making this a better experience for kids and parents alike!
Ryan L.
18:52 17 Dec 19
After trying other dental places for years, I finally took my kids to see Dr. Bagheri. My daughter, who had trouble getting dental work done, had...
02:00 05 Nov 19
Kind and gentle dentist made my son feel at peace... thank you
Nicole F.
06:55 07 Jan 18
We were in search for a pediatric dentist for my girls (ages 7 and 2) after having horrific experiences at the Super Dentist. It was totally by accident that we came across Kids Smile Pediatric Dentistry and THANK GOODNESS WE DID!!! The entire staff at Kid's Smile Pediatric Dentistry is amazing and greet you with a warm smile each time. On our first visit, I explained to the lady at the front desk that my older daughter had a very traumatizing experience at the Super Dentist and she was VERY afraid of the dentist. She immediately turned her attention to making my daughter feel at ease and I could see in my daughter's body language that she felt no fear. The dentist Dr. Bagheri came to greet us and my girls immediately felt at ease with him. He has a very calming demeanor about him and my girls had an amazing experience! My older daughter was highly traumatized by her previous dental experiences but by the end of her first check up, she was back to loving to go to the dentist. She even had some teeth pulled (due to a crowding issue) and within 10 minutes (from the time we walked into the room to when we were walking out), he had pulled 4 teeth and my daughter reported it was completely painless!! She actually looks forward to coming to see Dr. Bagheri! And my 2 yr old is EXTREMELY shy but Dr. Bagheri respects her boundaries which puts her at ease and he is able to give her a complete dental check up and cleaning without any kind of fussing! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Bagheri and his team! I'm so thankful to have found a place to take my girls to ensure their oral health where they feel completely comfortable!! I love that Dr. Bagheri also never makes me feel like he is rushing the appointment and listens to all my concerns. He takes so much time and care with each of his patients. Truly one of the best out there!! If you have kids, this is the place to go for pediatric dentistry!!
Bianca B.
19:53 31 Aug 17
My family highly recommends kids smile pedriatric dental best Doctor and great staff will never change dentist!!! 😊 Great experience for my kids coming from other dentist that made then not like dentist Dr. change that for them.
23:36 17 Aug 17
jason N.
18:21 16 May 17
Our family is beyond grateful for Dr. Bagheri and his staff at Kids Smile Dentistry. We have searched far and wide for a compassionate, and skilled dentist for our four children. I am very thankful we found this practice. Dr. Bagheri is truly gifted in his ability to draw out a fearful child and make them feel at ease. Sadly, this has not been the case with previous pediatric dentists, and we were even resorting to general anesthesia for one of my children to get a simple filling. Our child was so fearful, our last two dentists basically gave up on him as a candidate for routine dental care without general anesthesia. However, our fearful little boy no longer needs general anesthesia for dental work because Dr. Bagheri and his staff went out of their way to speak patiently and gently with him and to really work with his anxiety, not just see it as an inconvenience. As a medial professional myself, I am so impressed with the standard of care at Kids Smile which treats the whole child.
Connie Z.
00:32 02 Apr 17
I have 3 boys. My boys have been going to Dr. Bagheri for 5-6 years now. My youngest son was only 9 months old when he had his first dental visit. It's amazing to see how comfortable he is with being on the dental chair at such a young age. I'm sure it has been due to such a positive experience in every visit. My oldest child use to be very scared of the dentist (he had another dentist prior) but after a short time, Dr. Bagheri was able to build trust with him. He is no longer crying or anxious. My boys are excited to see Dr. Bagheri since they see him as a good friend and always looking forward to get their "prize" from the treasure box after each visit. His office is kid friendly with colorful fishes on the wall, TV screens on the ceiling, and books/toys in the waiting area. Dr. Bagheri is a wonderful dentist and amazing with children. He has a gift in dealing with kids. He is very friendly, gentle, respectful and professional. His whole team has been amazing even after new staff that has come and go over the years. I'm surprised with the one star review on here. I truly believe children are a great judge of character and my boys absolutely love Dr. Bagheri and his staff!
Sam N.
19:47 27 Feb 17
I highly recommend Dr.Bagheri as he is the most professional Pediatric Dentist I have ever seen..
Mandy P.
23:19 04 Sep 14
Our family HIGHLY recommends Dr. Bagheri's dental practice. He and his staff are all friendly and great with kids, my active three year old included. Dr. Bagheri was very patient with both my child and all of my many questions, and we were very happy that he was associated with Rady Children's Hospital when my daughter needed a more in-depth procedure. We've had great experiences with them all around.
Justin O'Leary (.
19:31 09 Oct 11
I found Dr. Bagheri on yelp and there were 3 reviews and all were positive and very good so I decided to give him a shot. My daughter is 3 and had never been to the dentist before, so needless to say I was a little nervous on how scared she was going to be. To my relief Dr. Bagheri was great with her and is really good at what he does. To make my daughter feel more comfortable he let her feed his fish before the she sat in the chair. Every tool or instrument he used on her he introduced it to her first and let her hold it as well. He even had child friendly names for the tools like the instrument that sucks all the saliva out of your mouth so you don’t drool he called “Mr. Thirsty”. He is very patient and wonderful with kids the whole time he was telling my daughter that she was “such a good girl” to give her positive encouragement that she was doing well. At the end he even let her pick a prize from the large treasure chest he had there. It was such a good experience for her and she wasn’t scared at all. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bagheri to anyone who has children.
Val C.
00:47 01 Jun 17
FOR 3 years son has been coming.

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