Visiting the dentist should feel warm, friendly, and inviting for both children and parents. At Kids Smile Pediatric Dentistry, kids and parents love us! We always create a cheerful and upbeat environment that makes a trip to the dentist smooth and enjoyable.

amin bagheri caring dentist

A father himself, Dr. Amin Bagheri understands the importance of helping children relax and have fun at the dentist. He believes that a child’s early dental experiences shape a lifetime of oral health and he’s passionate about giving your child a wonderful experience, every time.

Get Ready to Smile When You Meet Our Office Staff!

From the moment you and your child walk through the door at Kids Smile Pediatric Dentistry, our office will feel like a colorful wonderland. We have artwork, toys, child-friendly spaces, and employees who are always showing their beautiful smiles. Your child will look forward to seeing us at every visit.

Ready, Set, Smile!

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